Good for you.
Better for cairns.

Good for you.
Better for cairns.


Cairns Mayor Bob Manning and his Unity Team will run a self-funded election campaign for the March 28 poll.

Cr Manning said the decision to contest the Mayoralty and seven Council divisions without accepting any external donations was the preferable way to win office.

“I think anybody running for public office would prefer to do it on their own dollar but that’s often difficult with the costs that are obviously associated with running a campaign,” he said.

“The Unity Team has made a conscious decision to tailor our campaign efforts to be commensurate with the budget we can finance within the team.

“We have all witnessed in State and Federal campaigns that throwing a lot of money around doesn’t guarantee a positive result and rightly so.

“When people go to vote in March we would like them to judge us on what we have achieved during the past two terms of office and let that be a predictor of what they can expect if we are successful at the March poll.”

Mayor Manning said the decision has also been influenced by the State Government’s failure to provide Local Government with a clear direction in relation to the rules surrounding the acceptance of political donations and how this should be dealt with during decision-making processes.

“Despite continued assurances from the State that it would amend this flawed legislation, they failed to do so by the end of last year, leaving anyone running for local government in the March election with no real certainty as to what the final legislation will contain in relation to donations to candidates.

“I suspect many people will choose to self-fund so as to ensure they will not have any conflict with the new rules when they are likely passed by the State later this year.”

Mayor Manning said he understood the amendments to the legislation would rectify to a large extent donations from previous election campaigns, lifting the cap to an appropriate level which would have a positive outcome for Unity given most of their previous donations were of a minor value.